API Testing : Enhancing Security for an Online Shopping Application

API Testing : Enhancing Security for an Online Shopping Application

Discover how a top-tier online shopping platform enhanced its API security and ensured seamless user experiences through a strategic alliance with leading experts at INFOCUS IT.

This Online Shopping entrusted our team with a critical mission – to assess the security of their web application.The primary objective was to conduct a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VA/PT) on their Application Programming Interface (API) endpoints, ensuring the secure flow of data between clients and servers. The client sought to uncover and remediate security vulnerabilities in both internal and external web applications utilizing these API endpoints, providing API documentation for proactive testing.


Throughout the API security assessment, we encountered unanticipated complexities in the API endpoint workflow of the online shopping application. The intricacies of the assessment process demanded extensive time and effort, but we persevered and successfully mitigated risks related to the security of sensitive user data through the implementation of secure APIs.


Leveraging our dedicated team of security engineers, we executed a rigorous API security assessment, adhering to industry best practices including OWASP and SANS standards.

Key highlights of our approach included:

  • Identification

    Identification and remediation of critical API vulnerabilities, such as Input Validation, Injection Attacks, and various API-based security issues.

  • Hardening

    Strengthening the default API configuration to thwart common OWASP attacks.

  • Testing

    Employing a blend of automated and manual scanning tools for vulnerability assessment.

  • Interception

    Utilization of proxy-based tools such as Burp Suite Pro, Fiddler, and OWASP ZAP proxy for thorough security assessments.

  • Delivery

    Delivering a comprehensive bug-fixing document to aid the client's development team.


Our security assessment report and remediation recommendations were tailored to align with XYZ Online Shopping’s operational environment and development framework. The reports submitted to the client included:

  • Risk Benefits: We significantly reduced security risks by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in the client’s infrastructure, providing proven solutions for enhanced security.
  • Cost Savings: Our recommendations were tailored to the client’s business requirements, ensuring a cost-effective approach to security while maintaining business continuity.


Our API security testing was executed with minimal disruption and damage to XYZ Online Shopping’s systems. We identified security vulnerabilities, assessed their potential impacts, and suggested strategies to mitigate potential risks effectively.


In our engagement with XYZ Online Shopping, we provided valuable insights into addressing the identified vulnerabilities in their web applications and API endpoints. We emphasized the importance of implementing a secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process from the initial stages of API development. We conducted training sessions for in-house developers on mandatory methods and best practices, emphasizing daily web application monitoring, data encryption, and the need for quality developer training. We also collaborated closely with XYZ Online Shopping to enhance policies, procedures, and employee awareness programs, ultimately elevating their security maturity.

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